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At Clear Flow we take pride in the one thing you should never have to worry about, your Septic System! With any purchase of a septic system we offer a free 2 year maintenance agreement.

We are here for you, and the environment.
We offer the state of the art alternative to the troublesome septic tank.

Remember the good ole days, when you had to pump your septic tank every 2 years, put up with the wonderful smell in your yard, and toilets were slow to flush? You don't have to put up with any of these inconveniences any more.

Clear Flow offers you several different options for your septic needs. Whether your needs are simple, or complex we are here to help you decide what is best for your situation.

With a Norweco Singulair Bio-Kinetic wastewater treatment system, you will never have to worry about costly repairs again, with our proper maintained This system automatically reduces all domestic wastewater to a clear, odorless liquid in just 24 hours, it's energy efficient, and runs automatically. You will never have to worry about your septic system again.

Clear Flow is committed in being green! All of our products are environmentally friendly, and uses less energy than the normal septic tank.

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Norweco Singulair Bio-Kinetic wastewater treatment system

A Unique new design that exceeds governing criteria and assures years of reliable treatment and trouble-free operation.

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